FAQ for Devil Heart

Why the name...?
For a few reasons, first I was influenced by seeing it in the Dis2 manga, in which I made a layout and gave it that title for the Red Moon network. The other reason would be my personality and how I am around my friends. Well, I wont go into details...but I will say my own personal quote, "I never said I was nice". And the last reason, Uchuukaizoku network has had a long run of five years...I still cant believe its been that long...but not a lot of people can remember that name, its too complicated for some, lol. Okay, most...so I decided to go with a simplier, easy to remember domain name this time.

Are you a....Devil Worshipper?!
..... ....No. But I do like demons/devils....the anime/game related ones, you idiot.

How old are you?
Ah the age old question.... ...I'm still not going to tell. Lets just say, I graduated high school a Long time ago.

Do you accept hosting?
Sadly no,only if I know you.

Do you exchange links?
Sure, just e-mail me and let me know, and maybe I will get back to you. It depends if I like what I see, atleast have a decent layout, or some decent content. Meaning have something up besides just one page.... Do you except affiliation?
Only if I know you or you have a really good looking site, then I will accept. Any other questions you dont see here? E-mail me and let me know.

How often do you update?
Whenever I get the chance, I'm really busy with a lot of things besides this site and my other.

How can I contact you?
From these e-mail addresses:
trickstar04[at]yahoo.com Or