Welcome to the site created by the Nat,in which she brings you her first online manga called Between Sin & Sacrifice.
This comic is Still in the works and is not yet completed[Due to busy life and all.^^;]
Please do have a look about this place,and enjoy from what you see.

Updates: September 20th, 2013
Sadly this update is a sad one, but might not be the last. As of today, I will stop updating the progress of this comic series. It's my fault for delaying for so long, and losing the motivation for it over the years. Back when I started this web comic in high school, I was excited and had so many ideas but the thing is. I NEVER wrote them down. And I said to myself,"OH it'll be okay. I'm sure I will remember it all". Yeah...that was many years ago. I can't remember half of what I wanted. I will still update every now and then, but I'm just going to stick to short comics so my ideas and short stories don't go to waste. I don't regret or hate this story I created, I'm disappointed in myself for not handling it properly. I still want to illustrate and flesh out these characters that I have created, that's what the short comics will be about.

April 6th,2013
Page 37 added and this one took forever to put together because I was just dissatsified with the how it turned out. I think I'm gonna stop working on this comic for a bit. Atleast until the point I have a proper storyboard going on,because right now I'm just putting each page together as I go. And it's just not working out as I hope. As the years go by,I forget the certain story or plot going on. Which will ruin the whole point of trying to tell a story when it's in pieces. So my goal is,the next time I update I will have more than just one page done. Get a new layout because this layout is really old,and probably fix up the older pages because I've been really slacking with this web comic and it just makes me more sad,lol.

June 21,2012
Page 36 was added. I'm...disappointed as to how this one turned out. I used Manga Studio on this,which is bad,because I'm not very familiar with Manga Studio as much as I am with Paint Tool SAI. But once again,which I think you may or may not notice that the characters look "small" in some of the panels,and it's really bothering me. Again,because I draw so big and take up the whole page in my sketch book,it fills like I'm being restricted to draw more into detail. So,I've decided to draw on the computer where I can blow up the page as much as I like and fix it up in Manga Studio and see how that goes. I'm hoping I can get better pages through this method.

July 11th,2011
Edited page 5 and added in page 35. I've pretty much decided to go all fully digital with my pages now,as page 35 is the first example of how my pages will look like later on. And as sad as this may sound,I took Way too long on just one page,it was ridiculous,I blame myself of course for planning it out poorly,I really should just make a storyboard as to plan things out,since I have an annoying habit of making last minute changes and that's what takes so long to get just one Freakin' page done. I mean,yes I have a script already,but having words and visualizing how the pages will be setup is slightly different for me. So of course,I plan to fix up all the older pages as I was going to anyways. I will still use traditional medium for sketching,then scanning of course,I just don't have the patience anymore to keep re-buying pens for drawing out the comic pages. I will still do comics the traditional way every now and then,but they will be short comics.

January 8th,2010
Wow two years later... xD Yeah,I got not much else to say,besides the usual excuses.Two pages added,one revised and the other new.

August 19th,2008
Oh wow,it took me a whole year just to add two pages?! Man,I apologize...but it cant be helped.Revised page 3 and added in page 33.

August 10th
Woo bout time..I have one new page up,but two older pages revised! Enjoy,this is probably the most pages I've ever done,lol.I wish I could do more at the rate I was going,since I was doing two pages in one week..but school is starting up,and I wont have time...Bleh.

January 10
Once again..I apologize for this extremely LONG DELAY.I cant promise much for this year,since I will be starting school really soon.I also decided to change my text bubbles this time.Dont like the double bold black outline on them,I will probably go back and edit some bubbles in the early pages.But for now,page 31 is up.

August 15
Finally a new layout!And a new page! Page 30.

June 29
Added in page 29.

May 28
Page 28 is up! Also working on a new layout.

April 13
I apologize for delaying longer,KH2 took over my life xD And then there was a lot of editing in this page over little bits that was driving me nuts,so thats why it took a lot longer,but Ive finally got 27 out of the way!

February 5
Wow I updated in atleast a month,I'm proud of myself,I tend to delay longer,lol. New chapter cover is up,I'm on to chapter 2! FINALLY.

January 4
Sorry for the long delay,but this last page took a lot more time to do,but it is the final page for Chapter one,which I'm Glad its out of the way.Although this means I have to work twice as hard,since I am going to be redoing the early pages for the first chapter,and doing pages for the second chapter.So expect yet another long delay for this comic,because college will delay me even more... .....I hate school.

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