About the domain

This domain was purchased on November 11th,2002 at Namecheap.comThe web hosting I am using is Estarr.netVery good web hosting server. And was renamed from Uchuukaizoku to Devil Heart on June 19th, 2007, the very same day Uchuu was created.

Tools for the site
Dreamweaver-Very useful HTML editor, comes in handy when you need to edit your pages before displaying them on the web, and without even having to go online either.
Photoshop - Great for editing images, painting and brushes to touch it up in the type of style you want it as.

About the layout
I literally enjoyed the hell out of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to the point I have platinumed the game. The story is short,but when you're too busy having fun running around slicing and dicing your enemies into many pieces! The gameplay is where it matters,to where you never get tired of it and want to go even further.

Scans/textures from:
Photoshop brushes from angryblue.