Past Layouts of Devil Heart network

This is the layout page where my past layouts are being kept.I have decided not to put my older layouts from on this page.But later on,I might add a link to them on another page later on,maybe.

Version 1.0
Title:Until death do us part..
Image:Gwendolyn and Oswald from Odin's Sphere
Inspiration:This is really a wonderful game,lovely story telling,and the characters are just memorable.This game really deserved to be made into a layout,I really enjoyed it soo much.Gwen x Oswald make the cutest couple,lol.

Version 2.0
Title:Shadows of Mass Destruction[The end is coming near]
Image:Main character from P3
Inspiration:Another awesome and memorable game,Persona 3 made it to be RPG of the year,to the fans of the series and fans of RPGs.It really deserves it,the gameplay,character design,the voices....everything about it is grand and very addictive.I played the hell out of this game,and enjoyed every moment of it,just like Nocturne,lol.

Version 3.0
Title:Resonance of the Soul
Image: Maka and Soul
Inspiration:I've liked the Soul Eater series since it has action and comedy,and I like most of the characters in the series. Nowadays its hard for me to get into any anime or manga series because its the same clique stuff over and over. I didnt like how the anime changed and ended though,but its understandable,the manga wasnt completed and its still on-going.

Version 4.0
Inspiration: It's rare for me to get into fighting games,so I'm really picky when it comes to that genre,lol. Blazblue is a really fun and enjoyable game,I like the story and I like Some of the characters,but the overall gameplay is unique.Ragna's personality is awesome,he's so bad ass and determined,his actions and his way of fighting style is pretty cool as well.