Welcome to to the fourth version of NPC!! This is a shrine dedicated to the NPCs[Non-Playable Characters] of the .hack games and the animes.Filled with tons of info about the universe of .hack and of course,our favorite Animal characters that reside within ^^;Please do have a look around,and enjoy your stay here!I love feedback!
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NPC first established on March 18,2003

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Updates:June 20
Nothing new for NPC,but please let me know if see any broken links around the site since its been moved to a new domain.
October 13
A reminder to all! Vol.1 Rebirth is to be released on October 24th. July 14
Added one Mia image,and added in a section for Mia from GU.Please be warned,there are spoilers in that section,so for those who havent played .hack//GU,Dont Read it.And please do Not e-mail me about,what you think or what you know,I dont need your help on clearing up info,thanks.

May 17
Its her time to shine again! Who is? Its Maha.From the recent GU commercial released on CC2's site,you get a glimpse of Phase 6's appearance,and a new design she is in.Of course with this involved,I will try to get the images for her and Endrance's cat which the name of this cat will remain unknown for the time being. Oh and tomorrow is the big day for GU's release in Japan! So yes,expect another update for NPC later on.

March 3
Not an update for NPC,but I wanted everyone to know,for those who are Haseo fans,please visit my brand new shrine dedciated to him!
Abdicated Retribution

February 6
More info about GU has surfaced at gamewatch.com There has also been an update and a new look for the GU's main site, Cyber Connect.With that said,the other volumes will be released later in the fall.

February 2
Update for the new year! One image was added to the Mia gallery,.hack//GU is coming out pretty soon in Japan,which will be in May.