Non-Playable Characters

This is the first non playable character from the anime .hack//SIGN. Read information about this [or what information that I could find]mysterious cat player.

Mia is the second cat player you encounter in the game for the PS2 console,.hack.You can learn more about her and the appearances she makes in the game.

Mia Version 2
Mia has made a return in .hack//G.U..However,she isnt the Mia that we all know and love from the .hack games.Please read at your own risk for spoilers,for those who havent played G.U. yet.

Ouka is a wolf player from the anime .hack//Dusk or .hack//Udeden.Information about her is mainly from the manga,and the anime as well.[Side note:I dont consider Ouka an NPC,she is actually a real player,unlike Maha and Mia,but either way,I dont see why I cant have a page for her!]