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This is where I put info about the site,the owner,and any questions that might interest you.If you dont give a hoot about all this,then dont bother reading it >P

The owner:Mahou
Website opened:March 18th,2003
Site connection:Part of the Uchuukaizoku Network
Disclaimer:Read it well!!!

Current layout info:
I know I did Ouka last time,but this manga scan from the last volume of .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet,was something I could not pass up.Since the series has ended,along with how the manga ends in a good way,I decided to call this one,"Farewell".I like the words I used,its kind of something you would say to friends you've been with for so long and enjoyed their company[just like having fun on a MMORPG].This will probably be my last layout changed,unless I get really inspired to do another.

Ok to start things off,"why did I create this shrine?"
The idea came to me when I noticed that there were not that many .hack shrines out there,maybe like 5 or 6 that I have seen. So I decided,to give it a shot and make a shrine of my own,at first,as you can probably tell,it was just going to be a shrine to Maha altogether.But I thought about it,and I am not that dumb either,that if I did just put Maha alone,then it would be one hell of a short shrine with maybe three or four links and it would have small content :/ And since I also love Mia and Ouka,I decided to do all three of them together.

"Who is your favorite NPC out of three?"
Eh..that is a hard one,lol.I can state my reasons though...first,Maha. When I first saw .hack//SIGN for the first time,I didnt like that cat too well,it just had that evil look in it's face [Evil cat!!] and it reminded me of a jester named Harle from the game,Chrono Cross[Hence the star on Maha's face ^^; And I love Harle!].After watching a few episodes from then on,I started to like the cat.Just because of how eerie,enigmatic and misunderstood Maha seemed to me,and I just like that in a character.Mia is pretty cool to me,she seems rather kind at first even though I have a feeling [from what I have played in part one] that later on in the game,it will reveal Mia's true intention in the game,besides just hanging out with Kite :P And last,Ouka.She is just so cool! [I sound like a 8-year-old,forgive me,I couldnt think of anything else ^^;]I love how her personality is,and how she is a battle freak when wanting to take down monsters or start a fight.The way I see it,she Sorta reminds me of myself of being tough,loves battles [in games mind you -sweatdrop-],and being sarcastic.

"Why do you believe Maha is a female?"
Well to me,I just want to believe that,it is my own opinion and I wont argue with anyone that Maha isnt.Because everyone has different opinions,you cant always agree with everyone.One hint that kinda made me think that Maha is a she,is when Tsukasa calls her "mom". But other than that,I just think Maha is a female,but then again,Maha could be both male and female,how strange o.o;

"Why do you call yourself Mahou?"
I go by that name,because I go about visiting .hack forums,mainly The World BBS one,where I like to hang out and have fun at.I have met friends from there,and they still call me Maho,in which I am perfectly fine with that name,along with my other nicknames that I go by.Because I just dont like my real name at all >P And no..I wont say it either!

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